9 Key Points of Garment Specification Sheet

9 Key Points of Garment Specification Sheet:

Garment specification sheet is an important document for manufacturing any garments. The main objects of providing garments spec sheet to the manufacturer is to facilitate the whole processes of garments manufacturing. As its importance in readymade garments sector, today I will present here a details discussion about the garments specification sheet.

Garments Spec Sheet Used in Apparel Industry:

Definition of Garments Specification Sheet:

Garments specification sheet is a document of a product which contains the sketch of garment design, fabric construction etc. It is provided by the buyer to the garment merchandisers at the beginning of a garment export order. Garment merchandisers normally receive garments specification sheet in soft copy (PDF file) from the buyer.

Garments Specification Sheet

Garments Specification Sheet

By following this document, garment merchandiser can run the others merchandising procedure of that product such as consumption, costing etc. It should be noted here that, garments specification sheet can be corrected after developing sample. In RMG sector, it is also known as garments spec sheet, specification sheet or garment spec.

Key Points of a Garments Spec Sheet:

Normally garments specification sheet contains the following key points:

  1. Sketch or design of the product,
  2. Measurement chart,
  3. Printing instruction,
  4. Embroidery instruction,
  5. Stitch instruction,
  6. Garments washing instruction,
  7. Accessories instruction,
  8. Different label instruction,
  9. Necessary comments related to the product.

All the above key points have discussed in the below:

1. Sketch or design of the product:

Sketch or design means the basic outlook of the required item. It is confirmed by the buyer. He can make it by using computer.

2. Measurement chart:

Measurement chart or measurement sheet contains various size measurement of the required item. By following this sheet pattern has to develop.

3. Printing instruction:

Printing instruction contains various information about the required print for the item. Printing instruction means print size, print location etc.

4. Embroidery instruction:

Embroidery instruction contains different types of information about the required embroidery for the definite item. Embroidery instruction means embroidery size, embroidery location etc.

5. Stitch instruction:

Stitch instruction contains various info about the stitch required for the item. Stitch instruction means stitch type, stitch thread types etc.

6. Garments washing instruction:

Sometimes garment has needed various wash effects which is instructed here. Garments washing instruction means types of wash, softness, hardness etc.

7. Accessories instruction:

Accessories instruction contains different information about the required types of accessories needed for the garment.

8. Different label instruction:

Label instruction contains various types of label such as main label, care label, size label etc.

9. Necessary comments related to the product:

If buyers seemed to deliver some comments related to the required garments manufacturing methods then he can use this option.

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