Application of ERP Software in Textile and Apparel Industry

What is ERP Software?

ERP software means Enterprise Resource Planning. It is one of the revolutionary concepts in the modern textile and apparel industry. The main objects of ERP is to collect all the information of an enterprise under one roof for assisting planning and implementing decisions having complete visibility.

ERP Software for Textile & Apparel Industry

Application of ERP Software in Textile and Apparel Industry:

In today’s textile and apparel business, Enterprise Resource Planning software provides a great contribution to earn maximum profit in various sectors of textile and apparel. Those are mentioned in the following:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning software for yarn manufacturing industries,
  2. ERP software for weaving factories,
  3. ERP for home textiles,
  4. ERP software for textile processing factories,
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning software for garments manufacturing factories.
  6. ERP for HR (Human Resource) department of textile and garment factories.
  7. ERP in apparel buying houses etc.

Benefits of ERP Software in Textile and apparel Industry:

Enterprise Resource Planning software has a lot of benefits in textile and apparel industry. Those are-

  1. It plays an important role in easily monitoring of industry.
  2. It helps to prepare necessary report within a very short time.
  3. It takes less time than manual process.
  4. It can be easily accessible from any corner of the earth.
  5. It also reduces the possibility of data manipulation in textile and apparel industry.


***Buy ERP Software***

ERP Software for Textile & Apparel Industry:

Actually we offer all management software and specially for textile and apparel industry. Our software are well arranged and user friendly. You can collect ERP for the following area.

  • Textile ERP (Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing & Printing): Trade finance, Supply chain, Inventory & Warehousing, Sales, Marketing, Laboratory, Production & Production Schedule Management, QC & Packaging, Distribution, Accounts, DSS, MIS.
  • Buying House & Garment ERP: Order Management, Sourcing & Supply, Commercial Mgt., Production, QC Management, Accounting, HCM, Courier Management, MIS & DSS, Dashboard.
  • HRM & Payroll: Sift wise Attendance Management, Leave Management, Holiday Management, Salary Scheme, Payroll, Disciplinary Action, Promotion, Transfer, Recruitment, Employee Role Management.

Note: If you are actual customer of ERP software then obviously call or email us. Our team will go in your office or factory. You give us 30 min. They will present of our software with projector. We are 90% sure you will be impressed of it.

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