How to Calculate Garments Cost of Making (CM)

Garments Cost of Making

How to Calculate Garments Cost of Making (CM): Calculating the cost of making (CM) for any garment items is an important factor in garments merchandising. Every garments merchandiser should know the actual calculating method of it. Otherwise, a factory may fall into a huge loss. As its importance in garments merchandising, today I will present an easy method for calculating

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How to Make Costing Sheet for Woven Garments

costing sheet

How to Make a Costing Sheet for Woven Garments? Costing sheet plays an important role in the garments manufacturing business. It’s overall documentation for a garments export order or apparel export business. As a result, every garments merchandiser should know the actual costing sheets preparation method for knitting, woven, and sweater garments. In the past, I shared a costing sheet

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How to Estimate Embroidery Cost in Garments

Embroidery Cost in Garments

How to Calculate Embroidery Cost in Garments? In this fashionable era, embroidery is a common term in the garments manufacturing sector. To make garments more attractive and fashionable, embroidery is a must. In my garments merchandising job life, I have received rarely without embroidery garments export order. Sometimes it’s seen that a single garment contains more than two or three

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