25 Key Differences Between Straight Knife and Round Knife Cutting Machine

Straight knife VS Round knife cutting machine.

Comparison Between Round Knife and Straight Knife in Apparel Industry: Cutting is one of the most important processes in the apparel manufacturing industry. There are different types of cutting machines used in the cutting department like an as straight knife cutting machine, round knife cutting m/c, band knife cutting m/c, die-cutting m/c, notcher cutting machine, drill cutting m/c, computer-controlled knife

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10 Fabric Cutting Machines with Pictures

Fabric Cutting Machines Used in Apparel Manufacturing

Fabric Cutting Tools Used in Apparel Industry: The cuttingĀ department is important in the readymade apparel industry. The cutting department is nothing without fabric cutting machines. There are so many cutting tools have used to cut the fabric in the apparel sector. Among those, some mostly used cutting tools or fabric cutting machines have been explained in this article with their

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