How to Remove Fused Edge During Fabric Cutting

Fused edge in fabric cutting

How to Remove Fused Edge During Fabric Cutting? Fused edge in cutting fabric is one of the major faults of cutting section in the readymade garments sector. It hampers the whole process of apparel manufacturing. So, it is too much needy to remove these kinds of faults from the cutting section for achieving better output from a garment export order.

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Key Factors of Marker Making

Computerized Marker Making in Clothing Industry

Key Factors of Marker Making in in Clothing Industry: Marker has too much importance in the clothing industry. During garments manufacturing, marker helps to cut the fabric by reducing fabric wastage. It also helps to achieve a higher profit from a garment export order. But some factors must be followed during marker making. Those key factors have been mentioned in

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Methods of Fabric Cutting

fabric cutting method

Methods of Fabric Cutting What is Fabric Cutting? In the view of modern garments business, it’s seen that quality is the first requirement of all the buyers around the world. In garments manufacturing, Cutting is an important process to make a quality product. Quality full fabric cutting reduces the wastage of fabric and makes the business profitable. To achieve quality

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