Importance of Quality in Brand Image and It’s Growth

quality for branding image

Roles of Quality in Brand Image and It’s Growth: Quality is an important matter in readymade garments sector. All the garments buyers are invested a lot of money to sustain their quality brands. There is a vast difference between productivity and quality, a factory that has achieved a high productivity does not necessarily mean that it has achieved high quality.

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Stages of Garments Inspection

garments inspection

4 Stages of Garments Inspection What is Garment Inspection? Garments inspection is an important term in readymade garments sector. Quality inspector is the main in apparel inspection, who certifies the garments export order, whether it is perfect for shipping or not. Quality inspector has to ensure perfect quality according to buyer’s instruction in various stages of garments inspection, which have

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Flow Chart of Quality Inspection System in Garment Sector

garments quality inspection

Flow Chart of Quality Inspection System in Garment Sector: Inspection can be defined as the visual examination in relation to some standards. Quality inspection is an important issue in garments manufacturing sector. Quality inspector ensures the right quality of a garment export order, whether this order is ready for shipping or not. During inspection, quality inspector obeys a process flow

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