Parts of Sewing Machine Needle with Their Function

Anatomy of Sewing Machine Needle

Parts of Sewing Machine Needle with Their Function: The sewing machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the readymade garments sector. To get fault-free garments from the sewing department, every garments production personnel should know the anatomy of the sewing m/c needles with the parts of the sewing machine and their functions. As its importance in

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Relation Between Thread Size, Needle Size and Material

Relation between thread, needle and material

Relation Between Thread Size, Needle Size, and Material: During sewing, the clothing in the readymade garments sector, needle sizes, thread size, and material has needed a perfect combination. Otherwise, it will create different types of fault during sewing and ultimately reject the garments during quality inspection. Besides this, if these kinds of matter don’t follow correctly then total manufacturing processes

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Different Causes of Seam Puckering

Seam Puckering in Garments

Different Reasons for Seam Puckering What is Seam Puckering? The unwanted waviness of the fabric along the seam line is called seam pucker or seam puckering. This may be apparent immediately after sewing. Most of the time, sewing threads are referred to as responsible for seam puckering. But, without sewing threads, there are so many reasons or causes for occurring

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