Comparison Between Different Types of Stitch

Stitch Types

Comparison Between Different Types of Stitch: Stitch is one of the important factors in the sewing department of the readymade garments sector. There are different types of stitches used in apparel manufacturing, where each stitch types contain different characteristics. This article has shown various comparisons among that stitch which are vastly used during sewing the apparel or clothing. Comparison Between

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Parts of Sewing Machine and Their Functions


Introduction: Sewing machine plays an important role in the garments manufacturing industry. There are a lot of sewing machines used in the ready-made garments sector. This article has shown all the parts of a sewing machine and the function of those. Different Parts of Sewing Machine: Spool pin, Bobbin binder spindle, Bobbin winder stopper, Stitch width dial, Pattern selector dial,

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9 Key Factors of Seam Puckering

seam puckering

9 Key Factors of Seam Puckering: Seam puckering is the most common problem in the garments sewing department. These kinds of problems affect the total quality of garments during garments manufacturing. Some factors help to produce seam puckering problems in the garments. Those factors have discussed in this article. Factors Affecting Seam Puckering: Different key factors are directly affected by

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