Why Sulfates in Washing Powders are Harmful?

Why Sulfates in Washing Powders are Harmful

Washing powders and detergents, which you can find in the assortment on Shoppok,  are similar to soaps because they have a water-soluble ionic end in their molecule and a nonpolar end that displaces oils. Detergents have the advantage, over soaps, of forming water-soluble calcium and magnesium sulfates, so they do not form clots when used with hard water. Furthermore, since

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Important Questions in Garment Washing

Garment washing plant

Some Common Questions in Garment Washing Garment Washing: Garment washing is a vast place for textile engineers or chemical engineers to prove their capability in today’s readymade garment business. Newcomers of this sector have to learn so many in the earlier stage of their job to sustain here. As a result, so many questions have arisen in their mind. As

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Interlining Selection before Garment Dyeing

Interlining selection before garment dyeing

Interlining Selection before Garment Dyeing: In the case of garments dyeing, garments to be dyed after garment manufacturing. As a result, interlining should be selected very carefully for the garments. Because, during garment dyeing, the performance of interlining used in the apparel may be destroyed due to the effect of chemicals and temperature used in the dye bath. To avoid

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