Relation of Production Planning and Control (PPC) with Other Departments

Production Planning and Control

Relation of Production Planning and Control (PPC) with Other Departments: Production planning and control (PPC) plays an important role in the garments manufacturing business. It’s very good news that maximum factories are now creating the PPC department. Production planning and control (PPC) has to build-up a strong relationship with the other departments to achieve maximum output from the export order.

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How to Estimate Line efficiency of Garment Production

Line efficiency of a Garment Production

How to Estimate Line Efficiency of a Garment Production? Line efficiency is a known term in the readymade garments sector. Line efficiency plays an important role to produce target garments production. Normally it’s done by industrial engineers. As its importance in garments manufacturing, today I will present here the estimation method of line efficiency for garment production. Line Efficiency of

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How to Increase Sewing Operator Efficiency

sewing operator efficiency

How to Increase Sewing Operator Efficiency? In the garments manufacturing sector, a sewing operator plays an important role. Sewing operator efficiency has a great impact in achieving higher garments production, ultimately which helps to respect the shipping date. As its importance, today I will present here some important key points which help to increase the sewing operator efficiency. Key Points

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