Packing List for Export Import Business

Packing list format used in apparel industry

What is Packing List in Import Export Business? The packing list is one of the most important documents for both apparel merchandising and commercial departments of an apparel manufacturing industry. The packing section is the part finishing section of the readymade apparel industry. Normally, the packing section packs the goods as per ratio or assortment. In the later, the apparel inspector inspects

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Responsibilities of Merchandiser in Garment Industry

Roles and Responsibilities of a Garment Merchandiser in Apparel Industry

Roles and Responsibilities of a Garment Merchandiser in the Apparel Industry Who is a Garment Merchandiser? Garment merchandiser is like a bridge between the buyer and industry. He has to look after every job like buying the raw materials which are required to finish the product, making the garment, finishing the garment, preparing documentation, and finally shipping. Actually, he is

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Skill Requirement for a Garment Merchandiser

garment merchandiser

Skill Requirement for a Garment Merchandiser: We all know that every profession has some essential criteria which enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of that particular profession. Garments merchandising is not different from that concept. So, to be a skilled or professional garments merchandiser, any person must fulfill some criteria discussed in this article. Knowledge and Skill Requirement for an Apparel

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