Garments Cost Calculation Tips for Apparel Merchandiser

Garments cost calculation tips for merchandiser

Apparel Cost Calculation System or Tips Followed By Garment Merchandiser: An important part of the management of the textile mill is the determination of the production costs. Cost involves numerous variable factors which are often hard to evaluate accurately and mathematical exactness in difficult to reach. The yarn market fluctuates, finishing materials, dyestuffs, etc., and change from season to season,

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Garments Consumption and Costing Tips for Merchandiser

Garments consumption and costing tips for apparel merchandiser

Apparel Consumption and Costing Tips for Merchandiser: Body Consumption: Calculate the body fabric consumption at first. If possible calculate it after make the pattern. Be confirmed regarding the dia. Calculate the consumption with adding + 5 GSM extra which fabric is sells in kg (s/j, pique, rib etc.). Or reduce 2″ (in width) from the both side which are in

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