60 Common Abbreviations for Textile and Apparel Technology

60 Common Abbreviations for Textile and Garments Technology

Common Abbreviation Terms:

There are different types of terms used in the textile and readymade garments sector. Sometimes we can identify those and sometimes are not. As a textile and garment manufacturing professional, everyone should have a clear concept about those important terms. As its importance, this article has shown 60 most used terms with their abbreviations. These important terms will help especially for job seekers.

Common abbreviations for textiles and garments technology

Fig: Common abbreviations for textiles and garments technology

Important Abbreviations for Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Technology:


Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association


Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association

3. BTMC:

Bangladesh Textile Mills Corporation

4. BTMA:

Bangladesh Textile Mills Association


Bangladesh Garments Worker Unit Council

6. WTO:

World Trade Organization

7. AQL:

Acceptable Quality Level

8. CBL:

Center Back Line

9. CFL:

Center Front Line

10. FOB:

Free On Board

11. GPT:

Garments Performance Test

12. EPB:

Exporter Promotion Bureau

13. C & F:

Cost & Freight

14. CIF:

Cost, Insurance and Freight

15. CMO:

Cost of Making Order

16. CMT:

Cost of Making with Trimming

17. NSA:

No Seam Allowance

18. BL:

Bill of Loading

19. CO:

Certificate of Origin

20. L/C:

Letter of Credit

21. BB L/C:

Back to Back L/C

22. UD:

Utilization Declaration

23. AAQC:

American Association of Quality Control

24. LCA:

Letter of Credit Authorization

25. PSI:

Pre-Shipment Inspection

26. Mand W:

Men and Women

27. W and G:

Women and Girl

28. XL:

Extra Large (Size)

29. L :

Large (Size)

30. M:

Medium (Size)

31. S:

Small (Size)

32. CAD:

Computer-Aided Design

33. CAM:

Computer-Aided Manufacturing

34. PTS:

Primary Textile Sector

35. GDP:

Growth Domestic Product

36. ISO:

International Organization for Standardization

37. GSP:

Generalized System of Preferences

38. GATT:

Generalized Agreement on Tariffs and Taxes

39. MFA:

Multi-Fiber Arrangement

40. EPB:

Export Promotion Bureau

41. FY:

Financial Year

42. PTI:

Private Textile Industry

43. VAT :

Value Added Tax

44. ETP:

Effluent Treatment Plant

45. P/C:

Polyester + Cotton

46. T/C:

Tetron + Cotton

47. MOT:

Ministry of Textile

48. MOC:

Ministry of Commerce

49. CNF:

Clearing & Forwarding

50. BWTG:

Better Worker in Textile Garments

51. EPI:

Ends per Inch

52. PPI:

Picks per Inch

53. ILO:

International Labor Organization

54. IMF:

International Monetary Fund

55. IFTU:

International Federation of Trade Union

56. PO:

Production Officer

57. PM:

Production Manager

58. AGM:

Assistant General Manager

59. GM:

General Manager

60. CEO:

Chief Executive Officer

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