What is the Difference between Enzyme Wash and Bio Wash?

Difference between Bio Wash and Enzyme Wash:

The enzyme wash and Bio wash or polishing are two important wash in garments washing. Both of those provide the garments softer and smoother handle. Though Enzyme wash and Bio wash or polishing have some similarity there’s some basic difference by which anyone can differentiate between these.

Enzyme washed denim & Bio washed denim

Enzyme washed denim & Bio washed denim

Comparison Between Enzyme Wash and Bio Wash/Polishing:

S/L No.
Enzyme Wash
Bio Wash/ Polishing
To minimize the adverse effect of stone washing, the garments are washed by using enzymes. The enzyme breaks the surface cellulose fibers of the fabric and removes them during washing.
The appearance of natural cellulosic material such as cotton can be improved through an enzymatic treatment. This is known as bio-wash or bio polishing.
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During enzyme wash, a certain amount of indigo dye and cellulose fibers from the surface of the fabric are removed.
The bio polishing treatment removes the fuzz and pilling from the fabric surface and gives the fabric a softer and smoother handle, superior color brightness, and glossier appearance.
Size of the enzyme
The cellulose enzyme molecule is not so large as the bio polishing enzyme molecule.
The cellulose enzyme molecule is too large to penetrate the interior of cotton fiber.
Fading of color
Fading due to removal of color with the fibers due to mechanical abrasion takes place.
For bio polishing wash, no color fading is formed.
Abrasion process
For enzyme washing, a mechanical abrasion process is required.
For bio polishing wash, no abrasion process is required.
Applying stage or process
Enzyme washing can be applied at a particular stage.
Bio polishing can be carried out on cotton as well as viscose, jute, flax, ramie, etc. it can be applied at any wet processing stages or in other processes.


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