What are the Difference between Trimmings and Accessories?

Comparison between Accessories and Trimmings

Trimmings and Accessories Used in Apparel Industry:

In garments manufacturing, fabrics are not the only material to make garments. Several types of equipment are used here for both decorative and functional purposes. Where some are called trimmings and others are called accessories. But there’s so many who don’t know actually what is the difference between trimming and accessories. As its importance, now I will present a table, by which you can easily differentiate between trimmings and accessories.

trimmings and accessories

Fig: Trimmings and accessories

List of Accessories Used in the Apparel Industry:

Those are presented in the following-

  1. Hangtag,
  2. Tissue paper,
  3. Hanger,
  4. Outer carton,
  5. Scotch tape,
  6. P.P Band,
  7. Inner Carton,
  8. Backboard,
  9. Neck board,
  10. Iron seal,
  11. Paper Band,
  12. Tarpaulin paper,
  13. Pin/Clip,
  14. Carton Sticker,
  15. Tag pin,
  16. Safety sticker,
  17. Polybag,
  18. Elastic bag,
  19. Butterfly,
  20. Mini polybag,
  21. Collar stand,
  22. Plastic staple,
  23. Gum tape,
  24. Both side tapes,
  25. Arrow sticker.

List of Trimmings or Trims Used in Apparel:

Those are mentioned in the below-

  1. Button,
  2. Sewing Thread,
  3. Zipper,
  4. Motif,
  5. Rivet,
  6. Shoulder pad,
  7. Lining,
  8. Interlining,
  9. Hook & Loop,
  10. Twill tape,
  11. Stopper,
  12. Lace,
  13. Braid,
  14. Wadding,
  15. Elastic,
  16. Ribbon,
  17. Label,
  18. Velcro tape.

Difference between Trims and Accessories:

The main key differences are mentioned below in part by part:

Sl No.
Technical Definition
The materials which are attached to the body of garments by sewing are termed trimmings.
The materials which are not attached to the body of garments by sewing, only used for garments finishing and packing are termed as accessories
Trimmings are the ultimate materials that are attached to the garments while using by the end-users.
Accessories are the ultimate materials that are not attached to the clothing while using by the end-users.
Key Point
Trimmings are used for functional purposes.
Accessories are used for decorative purposes.
Sewing Thread, Button, Interlining, etc.
Carton, Gum Tape, Polybag etc.


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