Features of Continuous Fusing Machine

Features of Continuous Fusing Machine:

A continuous fusing machine is normally used for attaching the interlining with the fabrics. It is one of the important equipment which is significantly used in the garments manufacturing industry. As its importance in the readymade garments sector, today I will present here the features and specifications of a continuous fusing machine.


Features of Continuous Fusing Press Machine:

Features of continuous fusing press m/c have pointed out in the following:

  1. Continuous fusing machine is suitable for bulk production due to its continuous process.
  2. It is consists of a fusing chamber containing a continuous belt or feed sheet.
  3. Here, the heating chamber is controlled by a switch.
  4. Continuous fusing machine is widely used in the apparel industry.
  5. Pneumatic movement of the frames.
  6. Here, the movable lower plate is heated electrically.
  7. Continuous fusing m/c has an additional flapper screen.
  8. It has high effective specific pressure.
  9. Here, spring or pneumatic power produces the roller pressure and has the condition to increase or decrease of required heat.
  10. During the movement two flapper screens hold the pieces keeping them in the original position whilst one is under pressing, the other one is in unloading or loading position.
  11. In continuous fusing m/c, the fusing chamber contains two pressure rollers.
  12. Banding between the fusing material and the fabric is improved by heating the lower plate.
  13. During pressing temperature, time and pressures are fully controlled.

Specifications of a Continuous Fusing Machine:

SL No.
Electric Feeding
3+N ~50 Hz 400V – 3~ 50Hz 230V
Compressed air connection
6 Atmosphere (atm)
Working length
Working width
Installed power
Belt speed
2 to 10m/min
0 to 6 atm

Speech from the writer:
If you read this article with full concentration then you must answer the below questions in the interview:

  1. Point out the features of continuous fusing m/c.
  2. Mention various key features of continuous fusing press m/c.
  3. Mention the specification of a continuous fusing m/c.
  4. Show the specification of a continuous fusing press m/c.

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  • Vickie

    when fusing the samples together, if the machine is say 42″ wide and the sample you are sending thru the machine is 12″wide, is the sample receiving the same amount of pressure due to it being a narrow width?


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