Flow Chart of Dry Process in Garments Washing

Flow Chart of Dry Process in Garments Washing

What is Dry Process?

It is an important factor in garment washing. Garments are achieved more fashionable look by applying dry processes. Dry process is mainly done by hand or mechanically. Dry process section maintains a process flow-chart, which is discussed in this article.

Dry Process

Dry process in garment washing

Flow Chart of Dry Process in Garments Washing:




Destroy/ Tearing

P.P Spray


All the above processes are discussed in the below table:

SL No.
It is the first step of dry method in garments washing. Whisker is done with the help of sharp edge emery paper rolled on fine wood stick or pasted on plastic material.
Removing color from the surface of denim is called scrapping. Here, fabric is scrapped with different tools in order to get an used effect.
Tacking is done by using swift tag machine. In this process, Garments is folded three or four times and tacked through folds. Then the garments is washed and dried. Permanent fold appears after removal of tag pin. In this case, the inner of the fold is dark due to less exposure of rubbing and chemicals. Faded effect comes on the folded parts.
In order to achieve favorite vintage look, different destroying processes such as grinding, abrasion, hole, scratching and needle effect are used in dry process section.
P.P Spray
P.P means potassium per manganate. P.P sprayed onto desired areas of garments and P.P oxidizes indigo color. This process can be done before or after garments washing process. Here, at first have to sprayed P.P, then it should be neutralized to get final effect.
Here, resin chemical is used on whiskered areas to make the effect permanent. At first, resin is sprayed all over of the whiskered garments with spray gun, then whiskers are designed by folding the fabric. Finally resin sprayed garments are put into oven and dry at high temperature for 30 minutes.
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