Flow Chart of Woven Fabric Inspection in Garment Industry

Flow Chart of Woven Fabric Inspection in Garment Industry:

Quality is the main for any products. In today’s readymade garment business buyers are trying to satisfy their customers by marketing quality products. As a result, it’s a mandatory duty for the garment manufacturers to inspect all the sections of garment manufacturing. Fabric inspection is one of the parts of those sections. Fabric inspection has done in the case of knit fabrics and woven fabrics. This article has shown the correct process flow chat for woven fabric inspection followed in the apparel industry.


Process Flow Chart of Woven Fabric Inspection in Garments Industry:

Fabric received

Manual fabric inspection

GSM test

Shrinkage test

Shade check

Confirmation of fabric quality

All the above processes have discussed in the following table:

Fabric received
All the woven fabrics are received here by the fabric inspector.
Manual fabric inspection
Here, the fabric inspector identifies all the visible faults containing in the fabric.
Fabric GSM has to check here by using a GSM cutter or without using a GSM cutter.
Shrinkage test
In the case of woven fabric, it is very important to test. The fabric quality inspector confirms the fabric shrinkage test here.
Shade check
According to buyers’ provided approved shade, all the fabrics are checked here.
Confirmation of fabric quality
Finally, the fabric quality inspector shows here the actual fabric quality report.

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