How to Calculate Carton Consumption in Apparel Industry?

How to Calculate Carton Consumption in Apparel Industry?

Carton consumption is a very important matter in the readymade garments sector. Every garments merchandiser should have a clear idea about it. Though there are so many garments merchandisers, who have no correct idea about carton consumption. As its importance in garments merchandising, today I will present here an easy method for carton consumption calculation in the apparel industry.

Carton Box:

The carton box is made by using the plyboard. Plyboard can be 3ply, 5ply, or 7ply. A carton box is needed to deliver the finished goods to the buyer. It should be strong enough to protect the finished goods. Goods may damage during transportation if the quality of the carton box is not good and ultimately the buyer will complain if there’s any damage to the goods. At present, some buyer asks to do a busting test of carton box to ensure the right quality of carton box. It should be noted that every carton boxes should have two-ply boards to increase product security.

Carton Consumption Calculation Method in Garments Industry:

Here, carton consumption means “consumption of plyboard”. Because the carton box is made by using a plyboard. Before calculating plyboard consumptions or carton consumptions, a garments merchandiser should confirm the following information:

  1. Length of the carton in cm,
  2. Width of the carton in cm,
  3. Height of carton in cm.

Now by using the below formula, a garment merchandiser can easily calculate plyboard consumption or carton consumption in the clothing industry.

Plyboard consumptions (Per pc carton in square meter),

Now, I will submit an example here to remove all the confusion from the above discussion.


Suppose, a 7 ply carton having a length of 80cm, a width of 60cm, and a height of 30cm. Now calculate plyboard consumptions or carton consumptions for 500pcs carton box.



Length of carton- 80cm,
Width of carton- 60cm,
Height of carton- 30cm,
Total carton-500pcs.


Plyboard consumptions (Per pc carton in square meter),

= 2.74 square meters per pc carton.


For a 1pc carton, the 7 ply board needs 2.74 square meters.


For 500pcs carton, 7 ply board needs (2.74 × 500) = 1370 square meters.


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