How to Remove Spot from the Garments?

How to Remove Spot from the Garments?

Stains or spots inevitably occurred in the garments, no matter how careful people might be. So to clean the stains from the garments or apparel or clothing, we have to know the stain removal tips or methods. But it’s a matter of great sorrow that, there are so many who don’t know the correct method for removing those stains or spots. This article has shown 20 spot removal treatments which will be very effective for all.

Spot or Stain Removal

Spot or Stain Removal

Stain Removal Tips for 20 Different Spots:

1. Spot Removal Method for Chewing Gum:

At first, freeze the garment (if you can) by placing it directly in the freezer. If it’s not possible then put some ice cubes in a small plastic bag and place it on the clothing where the gum is. When the gum has hardened, you should be able to lift it off with no visible stain remaining.

2. Spot Removal Method for Beverages (tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, alcoholic beverages):

At first, soak the stain in cool water and pretreated with the pre-wash stain remover, liquid laundry detergent, or liquid detergent booster. After that, launder using sodium hypochlorite bleach, if safe for fabric, otherwise oxygen bleach.

3. Spot Removal Method for Blood:

At first, soak in cold water and gently rubbing the spot with your fingers. You may need to change the water as it begins to turn pink from the blood coming out of the garments. After that, rinse and blot then soak in cold water again. After that, use a stain remover and allow it to sit before washing. Hydrogen peroxide can be used on white or light-colored fabrics for stubborn blotches.

4. Spot Removal Method for Chocolate:

At first, allow the chocolate to completely harden. Then gently remove as much of the chocolate stain as you can. Treat with colorless dish-washing liquid and water. Gently blot the stain using a light-colored cloth. If the stain was milk chocolate then use a few drops of ammonia but if the stain is dark chocolate then use two tablespoons of white vinegar (for colors) or hydrogen peroxide (for whites). After that, use a mixture of one tablespoon of enzyme laundry detergent and two cups of water and allow the item to pre-treat for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

5. Spot Removal Method for Cosmetics:

At first, pre-treated with the pre-wash stain remover then dissolve with the liquid laundry detergent or paste of powder detergent. Finally, launder the garments.

6. Spot Removal Method for Dairy Products:

Firstly, soak stains using a product containing enzymes then again soak for at least 30 minutes or several hours for aged stains. Finally, launder the garments.

7. Spot Removal Method for Egg:

At first, absorb stains using a product containing enzymes. Then again soak for at least 30 minutes or several hours for aged stains and finally launder the garments.

8. Spot Removal Method for Fruit or Juices:

At first, absorb the garments in cold water for 30 minutes then use a drop or two of enzyme detergent and warm water to soak them further. After that, rinse with cool water then apply a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts water and allow sitting for 10 minutes. Finally, apply a stain treatment product and wash in enzyme detergent.

9. Spot Removal Method for Grease or Oil:

At first, pretreated with the pre-wash stain remover, liquid laundry detergent. After that, launder the garments by using the hottest water safe fabric.

10. Spot Removal Method for Ice Cream:

Here, pretreated stains using a product containing enzymes then soak for at least 30 minutes or more if the stains are old. Finally, launder the garments by using the warmest water which safe for the fabric.

11. Spot Removal Method for Mildew:

Launder stained garments by using bleach which is safe for the fabric and the hottest water recommended for the fabric.

12. Spot Removal Method for Nail Polish:

At first, place stain face down on clean paper towels and apply nail polish remover to back of stain. After that, replace paper towels frequently and repeat them until the stain disappears if it does. Finally, rinse and launder the garments.

13. Spot Removal Method for Paint:

At first, rinse the fabric in warm water while stains are still wet. Finally, launder the garments.

14. Spot Removal Method for Shoe Polish:

At first, pretreated the garments with a paste of powder detergent and water. Finally, launder the garments.

15. Spot Removal Method for Tobacco:

Here, firstly dampen stained garments and rub with bar soap then pretreated in a product containing enzymes. Finally, wash the garments.

16. Spot Removal Method for Wine:

At first, cover the stain with a handful of salt then salt should begin to absorb the color, turning it salt pink. After that, soak the garment in cold water with enzyme detergent and allow it to soak overnight. Finally, wash the garments.

17. Spot Removal Method for Type Writer Correction Fluid:

Let the stain dry thoroughly and gently brush excess off with a clothes brush. After that, send it to a professional dry cleaner and mention the type of stain. They remove the stain from the garments perfectly.

18. Spot Removal Method for Soft Drinks:

At first, sponge the stain with cool water or soak it in cool water for about 30 minutes. After that, pretreated the garments with a pre-wash stain remover. Finally, wash the garments by using bleach if safe for the fabric.

19. Spot Removal Method for Scorch:

In case of scorch stain, launder the garments by using sodium hypochlorite bleach, if safe for fabric or you can soak the garments in oxygen bleach and hot water.

20. Spot Removal Method for Deodorants or Antiperspirants:

Firstly, pretreated the garments with pre-wash stain remover and allow standing for 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, wash the garments using oxygen bleach if safe for the fabric.

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