Important Terms Related to Garment Buying House

Important Terms Related to Garment Buying House

What is Apparel Buying House?

Garment buying house is the working place of apparel merchandisers. Basically garment buying house tries to communicate with buyers of other countries who want to buy garment products. RMG sector of Bangladesh can produce a higher quality product with lower price compared to the other countries. As a result, foreign buyers are highly interested to place their orders here. But they have no enough idea of order placement and execution here; as a result, they come through the buying house. At present, buying houses plays an important role in the garments manufacturing sector. Some important terms which are normally used in garment buying house are discussed in this article.

Garment Buying House

Garment Buying House

Important terms related to Buying House:

Some garment buying house related terms are mentioned in the following:

  1. Importers,
  2. Satellite office,
  3. Customer or End buyer,
  4. Third-party buyer or trading house,
  5. Consumer,
  6. Buyer,
  7. Whole Seller,
  8. Retailer,
  9. Manufacturer,
  10. Seller,
  11. Exporter,
  12. Trader,
  13. Woven garments industry,
  14. Knit garments industry,
  15. Full fashion garments industry.

Those points are explained below:

1. Importers:
Importers are those who buy or import the product from foreign or overseas countries in large quantities are called importers.

2. Satellite office:
The satellite office is the country office of the actual buyer. Importers set-up their own office in their respective countries to lace order & execute directly.

3. Customer or End buyer:
The importer is known as a customer or end buyer. Sometimes they place orders directly to the foreign factory or by their satellite office or by the trading house. Customer or end buyer maybe the whole seller or retailer.

4. Third party buyer or Trading house:
A third-party buyer or trading house is not the actual buyer. They just act as a buyer to the factory on behalf of the importer/end buyer/customer. They place orders and execute that by maintaining the actual buyer’s instruction and get their commission from the importer. They are also known as buying agent.

5. Consumer:
Consumers are those who buy the ultimate product are called customers. Customers of a product may be the consumer of this product or not.

6. Buyer:
Buyers are those who buy the product from others in large quantities are called buyers.

7. Whole Seller:
Whole Sellers are those who sell the product to the retailer are called whole sellers.

8. Retailer:
Retailers are those who sell the product directly to the customer are called retailers.

9. Manufacturer:
Manufacturers are those who manufacture the product are called manufacturers.

10. Seller:
Sellers are those who sell the product to others are called seller.

11. Exporter:
Exporters are those who sell or export the product to the buyer of a foreign country are called exporter.

12. Trader:
Traders are those who establish liaisons between buyer and manufacturer are called traders.

13. Woven garments industry:
The industry which is manufactured woven clothing such as as- Shirt, trousers, Pant, jackets, etc.

14. Knit garments industry:
The industry which is manufactured knitted garments such as as- T-shirts, Polo-shirt, Tank tops, etc.

15. Full fashion garments industry:
The industry which is manufactured knitted garments by using yarn as main materials instead of fabric is called it. Here, the main products are Sweater, Pullover, and Cardigan, etc.


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