Top 25 Merchandising Interview Questions with Answers

Important Interview Question and Answer for Merchandising Job

Interview Question for Garment Merchandiser:

An interview board consists of various types of specialized people in different fields of the apparel sector. You have to face so many interview questions from those specialists. Mainly you have to ask some basic interview questions at first. From my all job interview experiences, I want to suggest to you one thing that, before facing any interview in readymade garments sector or textile sector you should increase your basic knowledge from all the different section of textile or garments industry. This article has presented some important basic interview questions from the apparel section. Hope these interview question will help you to achieve your dream job.

Basic Interview Question faced by an applicant

Basic Interview Question faced by an applicant

Interview Question and Answer for Apparel Merchandiser:

The below interview question and answers are very important to get garments merchandising job.

1. What is the grainline?

Pattern pieces normally carry a line is called a grain line. When pattern pieces are laid down during marker making over the cloth, the grainline should be parallel to the warp if the fabric is woven and wales in the case of knitted fabric. Only the exception is seen for bias cut.

2. What is the handle?

It is a characteristic of fabrics that are perceived by touching, squeezing, or rubbing them.

3. What is hip?

It is a specified level down from the waist seam and garment closed measure straight across the garment, from one edge to the other.

4. What is the waist?

Regular waistband or elastic relaxed, garment closed and with front and back waistband edges even at the top, measure across the middle of waistband or along with elastic relaxed from one edge to other.

5. What is sleeve length?

It is the measurement from the center back neck seam or edges straight across to shoulder or armhole point, along sleeves fold line down to the bottom edge of the sleeve opening.

6. What is the sleeve inseam?

The measurement from under armhole seam to the bottom edge of sleeve opening (cuff included) with vent closed (if applicable).

7. What is pleat?

It is used to increase the fullness of the garments. It is generally made by folding the fabric. Dart and pleat are used in the back part of the Men’s shirt usually.

8. What is the inseam length?

Along the inside seam of the leg, the measurement from the crotch seam down to the bottom edge of the leg opening. Rib or elastic bands included in this measurement.

9. What is drape?

It is a character of fabric that indicates flexibility and suppleness of fabric.

10. What is the durable press (DP)?

The name was given to a special finish that provides the garments with shape retention, durable pleats and pressed creases, durably smooth seams, and wrinkle resistance during use and after laundering or dry cleaning. The durable press also can be added to the stretch fabrics to produce garments that stretch yet hold their shape and their creases.

11. What is the double-faced fabric?

Cloth with both ends similar is termed as double-faced fabric.

12. What is a basic block?

Assimilating of diagram of net dimension on papers each and individual part without any allowance which is called a pattern and it is called also basic block.

13. What is crease?

The crease is any kind of folding in clothes.

14. What is color bleeding?

It is the pigment or dye or color of a cloth that is partially gone into the water if such colored cloth is soaked in water or solvent. Pigment dye comes out from one place to another and is a stuck place nearby suck characteristics are called color bleeding.

15. What is crocking?

Crocking is the act of taking out color from the dry and wet cloth by rubbing or scouring.

16. What is back length or HPS?

HPS stands for the high point of the shoulder. Normally it is known as the back length which is measured from the high point of the shoulder down to the bottom edge of the garment.

17. What is the back rise?

It is the measure from crotch intersection point, along center back seam following curve up to waistband top edge.

18. What is CBN?

CBN stands for center back neck. It is the measure from the center back neck seam or edges down to the bottom edge of a garment.

19. What is blind stitch?

It is a special type of stitch that cannot see from the face side of the fabric but can easily see from the backside.

20. What is a backstitch?

It is one kind of hand stitch for sewing the apparel, which could also do by using a sewing machine.

21. What is CF Line?

The straight line bottom to up vertically along the middle point of the body in front of a shirt or jacket.

22. What is bar tack?

Re-stitching over a very short length to give and increase the area of high load-bearing strength (E.g. belt loops and pocket corners are bar-tacked).

23. What is back tacking?

Approximately 1cm or small stitch backward at the beginning and finishing of sewing, which is used securing of the sewn end so that the thread could not be loosed easily.

24. What is allowance?

When the garment is made by adding extra dimension with the net dimension of the garment is called allowance.

25. What is a back rise?

The distance from the crotch back waistline is called back rise.

26. What is across back?

It is the measure of straight across the back of garment at the midpoint of armhole seam or edge from one side to other.

-Written by

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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