List of Fabric Package Used in Apparel Industry

List of Fabric Package Used in Apparel Industry:

Fabric package plays an important role in readymade garments sector to fold the fabric in the correct form. There are different types of fabric packages which are mentioned in this article with correct images.


Types of Fabric Package Used in Garments Industry:

There are different types of fabric packages used in apparel industry, which are pointed out in the below:

  1. Open fabric roll,
  2. Folded fabric roll,
  3. Tubular knitted fabric roll,
  4. Hanging fabric roll,
  5. Folded fabric cuttled.

All the above fabric roll have explained in the below:

1. Open fabric roll:

Open fabric roll is formed by the open width fabric which is used for making woven garments. In most of the time, fabric is supplied by wrapping over a tube in garments manufacturing industry which is about 7 to 8cm diameter. Sometimes fabric rolls are varied from 75cm to 3 meters where as the length of fabric is usually 100 meters or more. Open fabric roll is perfect for both manual and machine spreading.

Open fabric package or roll

Open fabric roll

2. Folded fabric roll:

Folded fabric roll or package is generally used by retail seller. Here, fabric is wrapped over 1-2cm thick and hard board where as the fabric width is 70-80cm. this type of fabric cannot be spread by using spreading machine.

Folded fabric package or roll

Folded fabric roll

3. Tubular knitted fabric roll:

In garments manufacturing industry, Most of the knit fabrics are found in tubular form and those are supplied in roll form. Normally tube roll have the same width as the garments width such as polo shirt or T-shirt. Here, fabric spreading machine is used to spread fabric from the roll or package.

Tubular knitted fabric package or roll

Tubular knitted fabric roll

4. Hanging fabric roll or package:

It is used for both woven and knitted fabrics but especially for velvet or pile fabrics. Here, fabrics are placed in a special type of frame according to the length and width and should kept in hanging form so that the pile is not crushed. Manual spreading is used for this types of fabric roll.

Hanging fabric package

Hanging fabric roll

5. Folded fabric cuttled:

Check fabric and knitted fabrics are found in folded fabric cuttled package. This types of fabric roll is used to avoid distortion of those fabrics. Here, fabrics are folded in full width. Folded fabric cuttled package is prepared by folding the last edge of the fabric. It is the toughest fabric roll for spreading where spreading machine is required to make lay from this types of package.

Folded fabric cuttled

Folded fabric cuttled

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