Marker Efficiency- An Overview

Marker Efficiency | Objects of Marker Proficiency:

Marker proficiency is one of the key matters in the readymade garments sector. Higher efficiency helps to earn maximum profit from an apparel export order. As its importance in the apparel manufacturing sector, today I will present here a brief discussion about marker efficiency.


What is Marker Efficiency?

In the readymade clothing industry, the marker planner measures his success according to the efficiency of the marker plan. The below formula is used to measure the proficiency of the marker:

Marker efficiency,
Area of the pattern in the marker plan
=  ………………………………………………. × 100
The total area of the marker plan

Marker proficiency depends on how tightly the pattern pieces are fit together in the marker. Here, the total surface area of the pattern pieces is compared to the total area of the marker for calculating the percentage of fabric that is used.

If marker proficiency increases then fabric wastage will be decreased and ultimately profit percentage will be increased. In other cases, if efficiency decreases then fabric wastage will be increased and ultimately profit percentage will be decreased.

Marker proficiency is one of the most important parts of garments manufacturing. The direct cost of garments could be utilized by marker proficiency. The salary of a marker planner truly depends upon the capability to increase marker proficiency. This calculation is determined automatically by marker planning software. Different key factors are directly affected by it such as marker planner, garments size, marker length, marker width, pattern engineering, fabric characteristics, marker making method, etc.

Objects of Determining Marker Efficiency:

There are different key objects of determining marker proficiency which is mentioned in the following:

  1. To utilize the fabric properly.
  2. To reduce fabric wastage.
  3. To earn maximum profit from a garment export order.
  4. Enumerate the factors affecting material utilization.

Written By-

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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