Packing List for Export Import Business

What is Packing List in Import Export Business?

Packing list is one of the most important documents for both apparel merchandising and commercial department of an apparel manufacturing industry. Packing section is the part of finishing section of readymade apparel industry. Normally, packing section packs the goods as per ratio or assortment. In the later, apparel inspector inspects the apparel product according to apparel packing list.

To prepare final packing lists, commercial department of an apparel industry has needed the final packing list for forwarding agents and customs department. From here, they calculate the total shipping volume and weight to confirm the required shipping cargo. As its importance, both apparel merchandiser and commercial personnel should aware about it to reduce cost in shipping.

Types of Packing in Finishing Section:

There are so many packing types followed in apparel industry. The following are the most used among those:

  1. Flat pack (Shirt, sportswear, trouser),
  2. Stand up pack (90° angle),
  3. Semi-stand up pack (for shirt),
  4. Hanger pack (for coats, blazer, pants),
  5. Half fold pack (for pant).

Types of Carton Packing in Apparel Industry:

After packing the apparel, cartooning is done according to the apparel size and color in apparel manufacturing sector.  Mostly used carton packing types have given in the below though there are various types of cartoon packing in clothing sector:

  1. Solid color solid size carton packing,
  2. Solid color assorted size carton packing,
  3. Assorted color solid size carton packing,
  4. Assorted color assorted carton packing.

It should be noted here that, carton packing may be as 12pcs, 24pcs or 36pcs per carton which is totally dependent on the buyer requirements.

Packing List Documents in Apparel Sector:

Packing list (P/L) is known as an inventory of the incoming cargo which is required for customs clearance in apparel shipment and accompanying the commercial invoice and the transport documents.

During apparel shipment, packing list generally includes the below information’s or documents:

  1. Name of the exporter,
  2. Name of the importer,
  3. Name of the transport company,
  4. Date of issue,
  5. Number of the freight invoice,
  6. Type of packaging (carton, box, barrel, bag, etc.),
  7. Total number of packages,
  8. Content of each package (Details description of the goods and number of items per package),
  9. Marks and numbers,
  10. Gross weight, net weight, and measurement of the packages.

Packing List Format in Apparel Industry:

An expert said that, packing lists should start with date, buyer order and style number of product, carton number. Unsorted summary also not accepted by the buyers.  Intact, some buyers may even ask for net weight and gross weight of each carton. The below format have to maintain during carton packing.

Packing list format used in apparel industry

Packing list format used in apparel industry

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