List of Pattern Making Tools and Their Uses

List of Pattern Making Tools and Their Uses

Pattern Making Tools:

To work efficiently, the pattern maker must have the proper pattern making tools and supplies. For making better communication with the workroom and to minimize errors due to misunderstanding, the pattern maker should know and understand some terminology related to pattern-making tools.

Pattern making tools

Fig: Pattern making tools

List of Pattern Making Tools and Their Function:

There are various pattern making tools which are vastly used in the apparel industry have pointed out in the below with their function:

  1. Straight pins,
  2. Straight pin holder,
  3. Scissors,
  4. Pencils and pens,
  5. Rulers,
  6. Curve rules,
  7. Hanger hooks or ringers,
  8. Pushpins,
  9. Magic mend scotch tape,
  10. Black twill tape,
  11. Notcher,
  12. Tracing wheels,
  13. Awl,
  14. Metal weight,
  15. Measuring tape,
  16. Tailor’s chalk.

All the above pattern making tools have explained the below with their function:

1. Straight pins:

The dressmaker used it for draping and fitting.

2.Straight pin holder:

Pincushion or magnetic holder which is used for wrist and table.

3. Scissors:

There are different types of scissors such as paper scissors, fabric scissors, etc.

4. Pencils and pens:

  • Mechanical pencil and sharpener which is used for pattern work.
  • Red and blue colored pencils are used to identify pattern changes. Black, green, red and blue felt tip pens for pattern information.

5. Rulers:

  • Tailors square (24 × 14) inch metal ruler with two arms forming a 90® angle that measures, rules and squares simultaneously.
  • Also used to a triangle with the measurements to straight lines.

6. Curve rules:

A French curve is one of the several curves used for shaping the armhole and neckline.

7. Hanger hooks or ringers:

It is used to hold the patterns together for hanging on rods.

8. Pushpins:

Pushpins are used for pattern manipulation. It also prevents pattern slippage when cutting several plies of paper together.

9. Magic mend scotch tape:

It is used to mend pattern work.

10. Black twill tape:

Black twill tape is used for the placement of style lines on garments.

11. Notcher:

It is used to indicate seam allowance, centerline, and also to identify the front and back of patterns.

12. Tracing wheels:

It is used to transfer pattern shapes into the paper.

13. Awl:

It is used to indicate the ending of darts, pocket, trim, and buttonhole placements.

14. Metal weight:

Metal weight is used to hold the patterns in place for tracing and marking.

15. Measuring tape:

It is used to measure the size of the pattern.

16. Tailor’s chalk.

Tailor’s chalk is used for making adjusted seams and style lines.

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