60 Most Important Shipping Terms for International Trade Business

Common Shipping Terms Abbreviation for International Trade

Shipment Terms and Conditions:

We have to face so many shipping terms and abbreviations during shipping or shipment (LCL sea shipment or air shipment) the products to the foreign buyers. In some cases, these terms are known and most of the cases its unknown to us. As an apparel merchandiser or responsible commercial personnel we should have clear idea about it. This article has presented mostly used 60 shipping terms and abbreviations which will be very effective in our merchandising or others career development.

Shipping terms and abbreviation for international trade business

Shipping terms and abbreviation for international trade business

Shipping Terminology Used in Import Export Business:

Mostly used 60 shipping terms have presented in the below:

1. What is CM?

CM stands at cost of making or cutting and making.

2. What is FOB?

FOB means Freight on board.

3. What is C&F?

C&F means cost and freight or clearing and forwarding.

4. What is CIF?

CIF includes cost, insurance and freight.

5. What is CIFI?

In case of shipping terms, CIFI includes cost, insurance, freight and interest.

6. What is CIFE?

CIFE means cost, insurance, freight and exchange.

7. What is COD?

COD stands at cash on delivery.

8. What is CWO?

CWO means cash with order.

9. What is FOW?

FOW stands at free on wagon.

10. What is CPT?

CPT stands at carriage paid to.

11. What is CIP?

In case of shipping terms, CIP means carriage and instruction paid to.

12. What is DAF?

DAF means delivered at frontier.

13. What is DES?

DES stands at delivered ex ship.

14. What is DEQ?

DEQ includes delivered ex quay.

15. What is DDU?

DDU means delivered duty unpaid.

16. What is DDO?

DDO stands at delivered duty paid.

17. What is A.D.I.S?

A.D.I.S stands at automated computer based data interchange system.

18. What is A/F?

A/F stands at advanced freight.

19. What is A.F.R.A?

A.F.R.A stands at average freight rate assessment.

20. What is A.G.B?

A.G.B stands at any good brand.

21.What is Agt?

In case of shipping terms, Agt means agent or against.

22. What is A.I.F.T.A?

A.I.F.T.A means associate institute freight trades association.

23. What is AN?

AN means arrival notice.

24. What is AMT?

AMT stands at amount.

25. What is A/O?

A/O means account of (also AO.)

26. What is AP?

AP stands at additional premium or average payable.

27. What is A/R?

A/R stands at all risks (also A.R.) regards to insurance.

28. What is ASABOSA?

ASABOSA means association of ships agents and brokers of South Africa.

29. What is A.T.A?

A.T.A means actual time of arrival.

30. What is AV?

In case of shipping terms, AV means available container.

31. What is BAF?

BAF means bunker adjustment factor.

32. What is BCV?

BCV means barge carrying vessel.

33. What is BD?

In case of shipping terms, BD means bank draft.

34. What is B/E?

B/E means bill of entry customs.

35. What is BIFA?

BIFA stands at British international freight association of freight forwarders.

36. What is B/L?

B/L means Bill of Loading.

37. What is BN?

In case of shipping terms, BN stands at booking note.

38. What is B/P?

B/P stands at bills payable.

39. What is B.P.B?

B.P.B means bank post bill.

40. What is BSC?

BSC means British shippers council.

41. What is BV?

In case of shipping terms, BV stands at Bureau Veritas – French ship classification society.

42. What is C&E?

C&E stands at customs and excise.

43. What is C.A.D?

C.A.D stands at cash against documents.

44. What is CAF?

CAF stands at container availability forecast.

45. What is C.A.N?

C.A.N means customs assigned number.

46. What is CCM?

CCM stands at central container management.

47. What is C.H?

C.H stands at custom house.

48. What is F&D?

F&D means freight and demurrage.

49. What is FCL?

FCL means full container load.

50. What is FCS?

FCS means freight calculation sheet.

51. What is FPD?

FPD means freight payable at destination.

52. What is I.C. &C?

I.C. &C stands at invoice cost and charges.

53. What is I.C.B?

I.C.B stands at International container bureau.

54. What is ICC?

In case of sipping terms, ICC means International chamber of commerce

55. What is IEF?

IEF means International exchange file.

56. What is I.S.F?

I.S.F stands at International shipping federation.

57. What is L/C?

L/C means Letter of credit.

58. What is TIR?

TIR means turn-in reconciliation.

59. What is SOB?

SOB stands at shipped on board.

60. What is RPT?

In shipping terms, RPT stands at rate per ton.

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