Simple Automatic Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry

Simple Automatic Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry:

A sewing machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the garments manufacturing industry. Simple automatic sewing m/c is one of the types of the sewing machine. Simple automatic sewing m/c includes button attaching sewing machine, buttonhole sewing m/c, and bar-tack sewing m/c. This article has presented those automatic sewing machines with their features.

Simple Automatic Sewing Machine:

Some machines are found to sew for special purposes such as buttonhole making, button attaching, bar-tack creating, and so on. In these machines, the predetermined work is done by cyclic order which is why called simple automatic is sewing m/c.

Various Simple Automatic Sewing Machine Used in Garment Industry:

The following are the description of some simple automatic sewing machines:

1. Buttonhole sewing machine:

Button hole sewing machine

Fig: Buttonhole sewing machine

  • It is a simple automatic sewing m/c.
  • Easy adjustment of hole size and stitch density is facilitated here.
  • For heavy fabric, the hole is cut before sewing.
  • For lighter fabric, the hole is cut after sewing.
  • A special type of sewing thread is used for sewing.
  • To raise the stitch is called gimp.
  • Stitch type: lock or chain stitch may be used.

2. Button attaching sewing machine:

Button attaching sewing machine

Fig: Button attaching sewing machine

  • It is a simple automatic machine.
  • Button positioning can be automatic.
  • Sewing is done according to the hole in the button and maybe cross or parallel.
  • Automatic feeding of the button.
  • Stitch type: lock or chain stitch may be used.

3. Bar-tak sewing machine:

Bar-tak sewing machine

Fig: Bar-tak sewing machine

  • Simple automatic sewing m/c.
  • It is used for heavy fabric sewing.
  • It is a cyclic operation.
  • It is used where the garments in high pressure such as belt loop, pocket corner.

Speech from the writer:
If you read this article attentively then can answer the below questions easily in the interview:

  1. What do you understand by automatic sewing m/c?
  2. Mention the key features of buttonhole sewing m/c.
  3. Mention the characteristics of button attaching sewing m/c.
  4. Point out the features of bar-tack sewing m/c.

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