How to Calculate Fabric GSM with GSM Cutter

Fabric GSM Calculation

How to Calculate Fabric GSM Using GSM Cutter? Fabric GSM plays an important role in garments manufacturing sector. As a garments merchandiser everyone have to know about the fabric GSM calculation method. It should be noted here that, fabric GSM can be calculated by using GSM cutter or sometimes without using GSM cutter. Here, I have presented the fabric GSM

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GSM Calculation Method Without Using GSM Cutter

GSM Calculation

GSM Calculation Method Without Using GSM Cutter: Normally a garments merchandiser does not follow the fabric manufacturing systems. Apparel merchandiser ordered the knitting section by providing the required instructions (Fabric type, GSM) given by the buyer. As a result, merchandiser can’t give surety about the contained fabric GSM. If merchandiser will follow some GSM calculation method, can easily identify the

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