Advanced Knitting Technologies for High-Performance Apparel

Nike high-performance running innovation

Knitting High-Performance Apparel: Advanced high-performance apparel currently consists of two sectors, sports and fitness, and protective clothing. In its broadest sense, it can be defined as apparel or clothing that is designed to perform or function for a specific purpose—which in every practical sense could also be expanded to include health and well-being, which bridges across both sports and protection.

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Applications of Microchip Technology in Textile Materials

Microchip technology in textile

Microchip Technology in Textile Materials: The successful uptake of any technology is, of course, dependent on the cost of production. One thinks of the cost advantages achieved by the development of knitting machines in the 16th century and the technological advances of the industrial revolution. Electronic textiles or microchip technology in textile materials are today relatively expensive, but there are

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