Roles and Responsibilities of Trims & Accessories Inspector in Apparel Sector

Trimmings and accessories used in apparel industry

Main Duties of Accessories and Trimmings Inspector in the Apparel Industry Trims and Accessories for Apparel or Clothing: Trimmings and accessories are two important materials of apparel or clothing. To achieve the required quality apparel or clothing in the ready-made apparel manufacturing industry it must be checked according to the buyer’s instruction. In the readymade apparel industry, it is inspected

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List of Trimmings, Accessories Needed for Making Shirt, Pant

Trimmings and Accessories used in garments

List of Trimmings and Accessories Required for Making Shirt, Trouser, and Jacket: Trimming and accessories both are very much important for manufacturing the garments. There are different types of trimmings and accessories used for making shirts, trousers or pants, and jackets in the readymade garments industry. This article has shown those required trimmings for Shirt, Pant, and Jacket differently. Trimmings:

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