Quality of Trimmings Should Ensure in Apparel Industry

Quality of Trimmings Should Ensure in Apparel Industry:

Trimmings plays an important role in the readymade garments sector. Trimmings are one of the basic needs of garments manufacturing. Perfect quality of trimmings should be ensured to get fault free and long-lasting garments from the RMG sector. As its importance, this article has presented some important qualities of trimmings.

Trimmings used in apparel industry

Trimmings used in the apparel industry

Quality of Trimmings Should Ensure in Garments Industry:

The following article the quality of trimmings which must be needed to ensure in the apparel industry:

  1. Lifetime,
  2. Shrinkage,
  3. Colorfastness,
  4. Rust,
  5. Comfortability.

All the above trimmings quality have explained in the below:

1. Lifetime:

The lifetime of garments and the entire trimmings of it should be equal. Otherwise, garments will be useless or rejected if any damaging of trimmings occurs. Especially, the trimmings may be damaged due to the temperature during washing or pressing if having low quality.

2. Shrinkage:

The garments will be useless or be looking bad if the trimmings of the garments are shrunk due to the wash or temperature or any other reasons. For example, if the sewing threads are shrunk due to the above reasons, seam puckering must happen. As a result, the quality and adornment of garments will be poor.

3. Colorfastness:

The color of trimmings may be faded due to the wash or friction or heat from the sunlight. If it happens, the quality and adornment of apparel will be poor. It must need the proper care to the color fastness of trimmings.

4. Rust:

Metal types trimmings of non-textile materials like buttons, zipper, and so on would be rejected due to form rust on them. To avoid rusting, it must be used metal typed trimmings which are rust-proof or nickel-plated trimmings or non-metal type trimmings.

5. Comfortability:

The trimmings which are used in the garments should not create any disturbance during end-use. Trimmings are used in the garments should be comfortable during end-use to prevent skin disease to the wearer.

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