Career in Garment Washing: Dream for the Textile Engineers

Career in Garment Washing: Dream for the Textile Engineers

Garments washing is one of the most expected professions for the today’s textile engineers. Anyone can make bright career here if can learn the total working procedure of garments washing with all the chemicals details function. It’s too much challenging profession at the current time as like doctors and lawyers. We know that, textile engineering consists with different departments such like Spinning Technology, Fabric Manufacturing Technology, Wet Processing Technology and Apparel or Garments manufacturing Technology. But there’s a few departments, which has a bright career. Garment Washing and Apparel or Garment Merchandising is that profession, where anyone can touch his target within a few years if can survive successfully the growing stage here.

garment washing

Career in garment washing

What is Garment Washing?

With the change of time, human choice and demands also changes. In line with ever changing human behaviors and longing to be the unique in outlook, mankind dress themselves in fashionable as well as comfortable garments. To be or to get unique in outlook, garment washing is a very convenient way. This is a wing of garment wet processing technology.

Garment washing is that technology which is used to modify the outlook, appearance, fashion and comfort ability of garments.

Demands of Garments Washing:

You have seen that, today’s customers are so much fashionable. As a result garments manufacturers are applying new technology and processes to make the garments more fashionable. Garment washing is one of the most important technology, which has excellent ability to make garments more attractive to the buyers. As a result, you can’t imagine now any garment items without garment washing. At present there are different types of washes are applied on the garments, those are Enzyme wash, Stone wash, Acid wash, Tie wash and Sand blasting, etc. All the washes are so much popular at the current time and the demands of those washes are increasing day by day, which is the great news for the garment washing professionals.

Who can Make Career Here:

Garment washing is totally related with chemicals. So, Chemical Engineers and Textile Engineers from wet processing technology are most preferable in this profession. Though it’s seen that, other department’s graduates also joined here. But from the effective point of view, Chemical Engineers and Textile Engineers from wet processing technology are most perfect here.

A Chemical Engineer or textile engineer can achieve the position here of Production Officer, Assistant Chemist, Chemist, Chief Chemist in washing plant and Wash Technician at Buying house.

Future of Garment Washing Professionals:

Basically today’s era is related with fashion. Fashion is the common scenario in all the matters. Peoples want to show them by wearing fashionable garments, which make them different from others. Garment washing is one of the most important fashionable departments which can change the outlook of any garments easily by applying different types of washing method. Its seen that, for same garments, can produce many outlooks by applying different types garment washing. Now, you can’t imagine a woven garment without garment washing. Garment washing is must for all the woven garments. Day by day, tradition of applying garment washing on knitted items is increasing in considerable rate, which is a great news for the garment washing professionals.

Valuable Speech from the Experienced Garments Washing Professionals:

Mentioning its importance a few garment washing professionals has delivered their speech for the upcoming professionals in this sector.

One of the Professor of wet processing department from Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex) has delivered his thoughts about the career in garment washing plant. He said, garments washing sector is growing day by day in Bangladesh but there’s no available educated and technical manpower especially textile engineers or chemical engineers. Though a few textile engineers and chemical engineers are now working here which is too much short than requirements. It will be great decision for building a brightest future if the textile engineers or chemical engineers can take this challenge and serve himself at this profession.

Mr. Moin, one of the reputed director from Sajid Washing and Dyeing Ltd. of Ha-Meem group, has said that if anyone has a textile or chemical graduation certificate and 4-5 years working experience in washing plant he won’t look back. Gradually can achieve the ability to enjoy every facilities of a washing plant with huge amount of salary.

Mr Jamal Hossain, one of the Chief Chemist of Ha-Meem washing plant also said that, textile engineers or chemical engineers has the vast opportunity in garment washing plant if he will capture the total features of garments washing. By using his most valuable experience he can produce different types of fashionable garment outlooks and control the buyers. An experienced textile engineer or chemical engineer of this sector not only works in garments washing plant but also in buying house as a wash technician. Wash Technician is the main for any types of wash approval in garments buying house. Where textile or chemical graduates have got the maximum priority for this valuable position.

Mr. Yamin, a senior wash technician of a renowned buying house named VF Asia Ltd, Bangladesh has said that ‘in the current time, a lot of non technical persons are involved in this sector. If you will get any single chance to prove yourself in this profession, you don’t miss that. Keep it in mind, a brightest future is waiting for you which will provide you an enjoyable life.

Written By-

Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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