List of Fabric Wastage Outside the Marker

Fabric Wastage Outside the Marker

List of Fabric Wastage Outside the Marker: In readymade garments sector, fabric wastage is related to the marker efficiency. If marker efficiency is creased then fabric wastage will be decreased. Marker efficiency is inversely proportional to fabric wastage. But there are some fabric wastage produced outside the marker efficiency which are mentioned in this article. Different Types of Fabric Wastage

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Different Methods of Marker Making

Computerized Marker Making

Different Methods of Marker Making: Marker making is one of the most important tasks in garments manufacturing industry. Accurate marker making helps to reduce fabric wastage which ultimately reduces the cost of making the garments. There are different types of marker making methods used in readymade garments sector, which are explained in this article. Different Techniques of Marker Making: There

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