Different Methods of Marker Making

Different Methods of Marker Making:

Marker making is one of the most important tasks in the garments manufacturing industry. Accurate marker making helps to reduce fabric wastage which ultimately reduces the cost of making the garments. There are different types of marker making methods used in the readymade garments sector, which are explained in this article.

Computerized Marker Making

Computerized Marker Making

Different Techniques of Marker Making:

There are two different methods of marker making followed in the apparel industry. Those are-

(a) Manual method,

(b) Computerized method.

Both marker making techniques have discussed below:

(a) Manual method:

The manual method can be done in two ways:

  1. Marker planning with a full-size pattern,
  2. Marker with the minimized pattern.

All the above two ways have explained in the following:

1. Marker planning with the full-size pattern:

According to the standard measurement, all the patterns are in full dimension here. At first, all the hard patterns are placed on the paper and then those patterns are marked by turning in various directions to reduce the fabric usages. Here the tables, on which the markers are placed, arranged in a way so that they do not tilt. The vacuum system is arranged here under the table for suction. This method is suitable for reducing the marker length.

2. Marker with the minimized pattern:

Here, full-sized patterns are reduced 1/5 part by a pantograph, and the patterns are made by hard paper or plastic sheet. Marker is planned here with the small pattern pieces and after making, snaps are taken by using the camera. Planimeter is used here to measure the covered area of the pattern lies in the marker. In the case of this method, marker efficiency is determined by calculating the marker area and fabric area.

(b) Computerized method:

The computerized method can be performed in two ways:

  1. Automatic marker making,
  2. Interactive method.

The above two computerized marker making method has discussed in the below:

1. Automatic marker making:

It is the most efficient marker making system. Here, the computer makes the marker itself according to the command given to the computer. Small pattern pieces are displayed on a computer screen but full size in computer memory. Though it is a time-consuming method modern automatic marker-making system overcomes that problem of time and needs only two minutes to make a marker.

2. Interactive method:

The interactive marker making method is a common process where the operator plans markers by connecting directly with the system through a computer screen. Here, all the pattern pieces are displayed at the top of the screen in miniature form. Those are dragged and draped to the pre-determined place by a data pen or tablet. It is less efficient and less time required than the automatic marker making system.


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