Causes and Remedy of Bottleneck in Apparel Industry

How to remove or reduce bottleneck in garments production

Bottleneck Processes and Bottleneck Time in Industrial Engineering: The highest time taken by an operator to complete her task compared to other operators is referred to as bottleneck time. The process or processes associated with bottleneck time are called bottleneck process. Bottlenecks reduce productivity. The figure given below shows three bottlenecks, two above UCL, and one below LCL. Thus bottlenecks

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Work Measurement in Readymade Garment Industry

Work measurement in readymade garment industry

Work Measurement in Apparel Manufacturing Sector: Work measurement is the technique designed to set up time required by a qualified worker to accomplish a task at a defined rate of working. This technique is used to determine standard time in readymade garment manufacturing industry. Productivity as a whole depends upon how quickly a job can be accomplished in unit time.

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