Standard Time Calculation in Industrial Engineering

Standard Time in Industrial Engineering:

Standard time of an operator is the time which a qualified operator should take to accomplish it if the she works at standard performance (at the rating of 100) and provided she takes extra time allowed to her as allowance.

Standard time calculation in garments industry

Fig: Standard time calculation in garments industry

If time is counted in second it is called standard time (or Standard Second) but if time is calculated in minutes, Standard time is referred to as Standard Minute or Standard Minute Value (SMV). In case of jackets or garments which take standard time to the tune of more than 2,000 seconds standard time may be calculated as Standard Minute or SMV. Standard time of an operation is also a constant value though different operators may take different observed time due to their different rating or efficiencies and if the allowance rate is fixed throughout the enterprise. Allowance is calculated on basic time.


Observed Time

Operator Rating

Basic Time

Allowance @ 15%

Standard Time


16” sec


16 × 75% =




12” sec


12 × 100% =




10” sec


12 × 120% =



This table shows that two operators were observed to have taken different time to complete the same job due to their different efficiencies. But the basic and standard time for the operation are constant.

How to Calculate Standard Time in Readymade Apparel Industry?

Standard time is calculated by adding allowance time to the basic time.


An operation has been calculated to have an average observed time of 20 seconds. The operator’s rating is 90%. Allowance rate to apply is 15%. Calculate standard time.


Basic Time =Observed Time X rating = 20x 90% = 20x 0.90 = 18 sec. Standard Time = Basic Time + Allowance Time = Basic Time +Basic Time x Allowance rate -18+18 x 15% =18+2.7 sec.

Total Standard Time:

We now know what standard time of an operation is & how to calculate it. But an apparel consists of dozens of operations. Thus Total Standard Time of an apparel is the sum total of standard time of all operations.

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