How to Calculate Allowance Time in Garment Industry?

Allowance time calculation in garment industry

Allowance Time in Garments Industry: A worker cannot and does not work continuously throughout her full working hours in apparel manufacturing industry. She has to open a bundle, tie it up, go to lavatory, take out bobbin case, replace a blunt needle, talk to the supervisor or line inspector, a small rest to recover from fatigue, etc. She cannot avoid

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How to Do Time Study in Apparel Industry?

Time study in garments industry

Time Study in Industrial Engineering: Time study is a technique of work measurement for recording time of doing a certain job or its elements carried out under certain conditions at defined rate of performance. How to Do Time Study in Industrial Engineering? By applying the below ways, an industrial engineer can perform time study in readymade garments industry: 1. Process

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Benefits and Difficulties of Work Study in Apparel Industry

Work study benefits and difficulties in RMG sector

Importance of Work Study in Improving Apparel Productivity: Most of the Bangladeshi garments manufacturing industries are not really productive which is compensated by off the clock work. Some garment factories work more than 14 hours per day to achieve production & shipment target. This situation cannot continue for long as foreign buyers have become very sensitive to violation of local

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