Work Measurement in Readymade Garment Industry

Work Measurement in Apparel Manufacturing Sector:

Work measurement is the technique designed to set up time required by a qualified worker to accomplish a task at a defined rate of working. This technique is used to determine standard time in readymade garment manufacturing industry.

Productivity as a whole depends upon how quickly a job can be accomplished in unit time. The lesser the time required the higher the efficiency or productivity. So it is essential to establish standard time to produce unit product or service. If a company cannot determine Standard time for a unit of its product or service, it cannot decide the following:

  1. It cannot decide upon production cost and as a result cannot establish price value of its product or service. If a company does not know work content (Standard Time) of an apparel, so it will be unable to quote right price (FOB) for the garment item.
  2. The efficiency & productivity of the company cannot be determined.
  3. The company cannot set incentive chart.
  4. Hourly or daily production target cannot be set.
  5. The efficiency of operators cannot be determined.
  6. Production target for each operator cannot be established.
  7. Production or shipment plan cannot be properly chalked out.

Methods of Setting Up Standard Time in Industrial Engineering:

The main objective of work measurement is the establishment of standard time for completing a job. Standard time can be determined in a variety of ways, such as the following:

  1. Time study;
  2. Basic Standard time data;
  3. Pre-determined Time Standard (PTS);
  4. Work sampling &
  5. Structured estimating. We shall however limit our focus on time study alone.

Relationship Between Method Study and Work Measurement in IE:

Both of the techniques are closely related. While Method Study investigates ways to find out better ways to do a job, work measurement is involved to study & reduce ineffective time & to set standard time to accomplish the job in a smaller time so as to bring in higher productivity.

The below figure shows how method study & work measurement can affect higher productivity

Relationship between method study and work measurement

Fig: Relationship between method study and work measurement

This method finds easy, better and economical ways of doing a job while work- measurement reduces ineffective time and sets up standard time for accomplishing the job. This is the way work study contributes to productivity in a great way.

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