Parts of Zipper with Their Functions

Parts of Zipper with Their Functions

What is the Zipper?

It is a fastening device operated using two parallel rows of plastic or metal teeth on either side of a closure that is interlocked by a sliding tab is called a zipper. Here, the teeth are carried in two zip fastener tapes which run the length of the zip and which are usually stitched into apparel and other textile products. It is an essential part of garments that is widely used in the garments manufacturing sector. It can be used for functional or decorative purposes. It may be different in types and sizes. The function of one zipper is different from another.

Types of Zipper Used in Apparel Industry:

There are different type of zippers which are vastly used in the readymade garments sector are mentioned in the below:

1. Concealed zipper:

This type of zippers is widely used for making the skirts of women.

2. Continuous zipper:

It is widely used for making the clothing of men, women, and children.

There are also some zippers which are provided with two sliders used for long coats or garments but especially used for the large suitcase.

Different Parts of Zipper with Their Function:

Zippers consist of the below parts:

  1. Zipper’s tape,
  2. Teeth or Chain,
  3. Slider body,
  4. Slider pin or teeth,
  5. Stopper.

All the above zipper’s parts have mentioned the below with their functions:

1. Zipper tape:

It is a narrow fabric that has high lateral strength and may be knitted or woven, being so constructed as to provide at one selvage. The suitable embodiment of the fastener elements is called zipper tape. It’s produced by cotton, polyester, nylon, or blended fiber. It is attached by sewing with the garments.

2. Teeth or Chain:

Teeth are made of brass, aluminum, nylon, or plastic. It is opened and closed by these teeth.

3. Slider:

The slider is used to open and close the zipper’s teeth or chain.

4. Slider pin:

A slider pin or teeth is used in the slider which keeps the slider from unwanted movement.

5. Stopper:

Stopper controls the slider run out of the zippers.


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