List of Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry

List of Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry:

Sewing machine plays an important role in readymade garments sector. Different sewing machines are used for different purposes. There are a lot of sewing machines used in garments manufacturing industry, which are mentioned in this article.

Sewing Machine Used by the Operator in Apparel Industry

Sewing Machine Used by the Operator in Apparel Industry

Types of Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry:

According to the operating system, there are two types of sewing machines are available in the readymade garment garments sector. Those are-

  1. Manually operated sewing m/c,
  2. Electrically operated sewing machine.

All the above machine types have explained in the below:

1. Manually operated sewing m/c:

The machine where sewing is done by using physical power is termed as manually operated sewing m/c. These types of sewing machines are vastly used in tailoring and domestic purpose of sewing fabrics. This machine types are not used in apparel manufacturing industries due to the less garments production.

2. Electrically operated sewing m/c:

The machine where sewing is done by using electrical power is known as electrically operated sewing m/c. This types of machines are widely used in garment manufacturing industries due to the higher apparel production. These sewing machines also termed as industrial sewing m/c.

List of Sewing Machine Used in Garment Industry:

  1. Double chain stitch machine (four needle short……),
  2. Double chain stitch machine (four needle elastic inserting machine),
  3. Double chain stitch m/c (double needle with reverse feed),
  4. Fed of the arm (Double chain stitch m/c with three needles),
  5. Interlock machine (twine needle, 5- thread over lock machine),
  6. Lock stitch machine (single needle with variable top feed with automatic thread trimmer),
  7. Lock stitch m/c (single needle with automatic thread trimmer),
  8. Lock stitch m/c (single needle sewing m/c),
  9. Lock stitch m/c (two needle with split needle bar sewing),
  10. Lock stitch m/c (twin needle feed),
  11. Lock stitch sewing m/c (one needle with vertical trimmer wiper and reverse feed),
  12. Lap seaming m/c (for back tape attaching),
  13. Linking machine,
  14. Over lock machine (twine needle four threaded machine),
  15. Over lock machine (one needle, 3-thread),
  16. Zigzag sewing m/c (one needle),
  17. Top and bottom cover stitch flat bed machine (three needle),
  18. Three needle covering machine, five thread flat bed top and bottom covering m/c,
  19. Button hole m/c (for woven fabric),
  20. Button sewing m/c,
  21. Bar tack m/c with automatic thread trimmer,
  22. Button hole sewing m/c (for knitted fabric),
  23. Button covering stitch belt loop making m/c (kansai m/c),
  24. Bias tape cutting machine,
  25. Label sewing m/c.
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