Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Inspection in Apparel Industry

Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Inspection in Apparel Industry:

Today’s readymade garment business is totally depends on quality. All the buyers are invested a lot of money to improve the quality of their products. As a result, quality inspection team has to do a lot of hard work to ensure the actual product quality. Fabric inspection is one of the parts of quality department. Fabric inspection has done in case of two fabric types; those are knit fabrics and woven fabrics.This article has shown the actual process flow chat of knit fabric inspection followed in the apparel industry.

knit fabric inspection

Knit fabrics inspection

Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Inspection in Garments Industry:

Fabric receiving

Manual fabric inspection

GSM checking

Shade checking

Confirmation of fabric quality

All the above processes have explained in the below table:

SL No.
Fabric receiving
Fabric inspector receives the total quantity of knit fabrics here.
Manual fabrics inspection
Here, fabric inspector inspects the fabrics manually that means his main duty here is to find out various types of holes and other fabric faults which are visible in the fabric.
GSM checking
Fabric GSM has to check here by maintaining buyer’s
instruction using GSM cutter.
Shade checking
Fabric shade has to check here by following buyers approved shade.
Confirmation of fabric quality
After completing all the above inspections, quality inspector confirms here the actual quality report of knitted fabrics.

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