GSM Calculation for Woven Fabric

GSM Calculation for Woven Fabric:

GSM (Gram per square meter) is an important matter in the textile sector. Higher GSM fabric is heavier and lower GSM fabric is lighter. A woven garments merchandiser must have to know the GSM calculation method to ensure the right GSM fabric that is ordered by the buyer (though suppliers are regularly mentioned about the fabric GSM). To show the right method for GSM calculation, I have presented here an easy method for you, it will be very effective for all.

GSM Calculation for Woven Fabric

GSM Calculation for Woven Fabric

What is GSM?

GSM stands at Gram per square meter. It is the weight of fabric in one gram per square meter. It is the metric measurement of the weight of the fabric. Its unit is gm/m2.

What is Crimp Factor?

Crimp percentage or crimp factor is defined as the mean difference between the straightened thread length and the distance between the ends of the thread while in the cloth, expressed as a percentage.

Woven Fabric GSM Calculation Method:

During calculating woven fabric GSM from fabric construction, we have needed the following formula.

GSM (Gram per square meter),


Woven fabric construction is like that-

Now, calculate the fabric GSM.


From the given fabric construction we can see that,

  • Warp count- 50
  • Weft count- 40
  • EPI (Ends per inch) – 130
  • PPI (Picks per inch) – 60
  • Warp crimp factor- 1.2
  • Weft crimp factor- 1.0

Now, by applying all the data in the required formula, we can easily find out the above-woven fabric GSM.

GSM (Gram per square meter),

= (3.12 + 1.5) × 23.5
= 108.57

So, above woven fabric GSM is 108.57

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Written By-Sangita Rawal

Sangita Rawal
Consultant and Merchandising Manager
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