List of Fabrics Used in Knit Garments Manufacturing

List of Fabrics Used in Knit Garments Manufacturing:

In the readymade garments sector, knit or knitted fabrics are used for manufacturing the knitted garments such as polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, sportswear, swimwear, sweater, undergarments, children’s wear, etc. It should be noted here that, properties of each knit garment are influenced by the construction, specification, and properties of knit fabrics used in the knit garments. In the past, we have discussed the different types of fabrics used in woven shirt manufacturing but today we will discuss various types of fabrics that are considerably used in knit garments manufacturing.

Classifications of Knit Fabric:

Basically knit fabrics are three types, those are-

  1. Weft knitted fabrics,
  2. Warp knitted fabrics,
  3. Crochet fabrics.

All the above three types have discussed below:

1. Weft knitted fabrics:

Weft knitted fabrics are characterized by a series of horizontal loops formed by horizontally running threads and binds with a previously formed series of loops of the same thread. This type of fabric is mostly used in knit clothing manufacturing.

weft knitted fabrics

Weft knitted fabrics

2. Warp knitted fabrics:

In the case of weft knitted fabrics, structural threads of the fabric are run along with the length of the fabric which is approximately parallel with the fabric selvage. Here, one horizontal row of loops or course is made from many threads, and in this way warp, knitted fabric is formed. This type of fabric is not widely used in knit garments as weft knitted fabrics.

Warp Knitted Fabrics.

Warp Knitted Fabrics.

3. Crochet fabrics:

In the case of crochet fabrics, construction is completely different from warp and weft knitted fabrics. Here, one thread is used which chains upon itself, and cross-link are formed with a previously formed chain to produce crochet fabrics.

Crochet fabrics

Crochet fabrics

Types of Fabric Used in Knit Garments Manufacturing:

There are different types of knitted fabrics, which are vastly used in T-Shirt or polo shirt manufacturing has mentioned the below with correct fabric image.

  1. 100% cotton single jersey fabrics

    Cotton Single jersey fabric

    Cotton single jersey fabric

  2. Lycra or spandex single jersey fabrics,

    lycra single jersey

    Lycra single jersey

  3. Slub single jersey fabrics,

    slub single jersey

    Slub single jersey

  4. Burn out single jersey fabrics,

    burn out single jersey fabric

    Burn out single jersey fabric

  5. Grey melange fabrics,

    grey melange fabric

    Grey melange fabric

  6. Grey melange slub fabrics,

    grey melange slub fabric

    Grey melange slub fabric

  7. 100% cotton double jersey fabrics,

    double jersey fabric

    Double jersey fabric

  8. Fleece fabrics,

    fleece fabric

    Fleece fabric

  9. French terry fabrics,

    french terry fabric

    French terry fabric

  10. French terry slub fabrics,

    slub french terry

    Slub french terry

  11. French terry fabrics (inside brushed),

    frence terry fabric (inside Brushed)

    French terry fabric (inside brushed)

  12. Design terry fabrics,

    design terry fabric

    Design terry fabric

  13. Micro or baby terry fabrics,

    micro or baby terry

    Micro or baby terry

  14. Pique fabrics,

    Pique fabric

    Pique fabric

  15. Pique slub fabrics,

    slub pique fabric

    Slub pique fabric

  16. Lacoste fabrics,

    Lacoste fabric

    Lacoste fabric

  17. 1×1 Rib fabrics,

    1 x 1 Rib fabric

    1 x 1 Rib fabric

  18. 2×1 Rib fabrics,

    Rib 2 x 1

    2 x 1 Rib fabric

  19. Sequence fabrics.

    sequence fabric

    Sequence fabric


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