List of Fabrics Used in Knit Garments Manufacturing

types of knit fabric

List of Fabrics Used in Knit Garments Manufacturing: In the readymade garments sector, knit or knitted fabrics are used for manufacturing the knitted garments such as polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, sportswear, swimwear, sweater, undergarments, children’s wear, etc. It should be noted here that, properties of each knit garment are influenced by the construction, specification, and properties of knit fabrics used

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List of Fabrics Used in Garments Manufacturing

types of fabrics

Types of Fabrics Used in Garments Manufacturing: Fabric is the basic material for manufacturing garments. Garments are made by using finished fabrics. There are different types of fabric used in garments manufacturing. It can be woven or knitted fabric. Various types of woven and knitted fabrics name have mentioned in this article. Different Types of Fabric Used in Apparel Manufacturing:

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