Difference between Label and Motif

Difference between Label and Motif:

Label and motif are two important trimmings that are used in garments manufacturing. The label is a must needed trimmings in garments and to make garments fashionable motif has great importance. Though label and motif both are trimmings there’s some basic difference by which we can easily identify those.

Label & Motif

Label & Motif

What is Label in Garment?

The label is an important part of the garment. Without any label, a garment cannot be sold in the foreign market. A label contains various types of information about the garments such as types of fiber, types of yarn, composition, care instruction, manufacturing country name, size of that garments, price quantity, trademark, etc.

Types of Label Used in Garment:

There are mainly two types of label and those are-

  1. Main Label,
  2. Sub Label.

Sublabel is of four types and those are in the following:

  1. Size label,
  2. Care label,
  3. Price label,
  4. Composition label.

What is Motif in Garment?

The motif is a trimming that is used to increase the attraction and make fashionable of the garments. The motif contains the country name or brand name. In most cases, motifs are designed by embroidery were in some cases by printing design.

Difference between Label and Motif Used in Garment:

The main difference between labels and motif are mentioned in the below table:

The label is a must needed part of any garments.
The motif is an optional part of any garment.
It is used in all types of clothing.
It is used only for fashionable garments.
It is used for functional purposes.
It is used for decorative purposes.
It is made of woven fabric or paper.
It is made of embroidery or by printing design.
It contains the size of the garment, manufacturing country name, care instruction, etc.
It contains the country name or brand name.


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