Methods of Fabric Cutting

Methods of Fabric Cutting

What is Fabric Cutting?

In the view of modern garments business, it’s seen that, quality is the first requirement of all the buyer around the world. In garments manufacturing, Cutting is an important process to make a quality product. Quality full fabric cutting reduce the wastage of fabric and make the business profitable. To achieve quality full fabric cutting, a few method have to maintain which are discussed in the following.

Fabric Cutting method

Fabric Cutting Method

Methods of Fabric Cutting:

In garments industry, there are two available cutting methods, these are-

  1. Manual Method,
  2. Computerized Method.

Those are discussed in the below:

1. Manual Fabric Cutting Method:

Here cutting process is done by using knife, scissor, drill etc. Knife is placed in the head of the cutting machine. Manual method is the most used cutting method in garments industry.

Manual cutting method can be done by using the following equipments:

  • Round knife,
  • Band Knife,
  • Straight Knife,
  • Scissor,
  • Die-cutting,
  • Drill.

Advantage of Manual Cutting Method:

  1. Easy process of cutting.
  2. Educated man power is not required.
  3. Low cost knife is enough here to cut the fabric.
  4. Low maintenance cost.

Disadvantage of Manual Cutting Method:

  1. Slow process.
  2. Not suitable for large scale production.
  3. Cutting speed cannot be controlled.
  4. Intensity of accident is very high.
  5. Higher labor cost than computerized cutting method.

2. Computerized Fabric Cutting Method:

In modern garments manufacturing industry, computerized cutting method becomes so much popular in day by day due its higher production and less time consuming efficiency. Here all programmes are loaded into the computer and the computer performs all the activities which are loaded.

Computerized Cutting method can be done by using following equipments:

  • Straight knife cutting,
  • Water jet cutting,
  • Laser beam cutting,
  • Plasma torch cutting.

Advantage of Computerized Cutting Method:

  1. Very much effective cutting by computer controlled system.
  2. Very fast cutting operation.
  3. Suitable for large scale production.
  4. Cutting speed can be controlled.
  5. Intensity of accident is very low.
  6. No need any marker.
  7. Fabrics can be cut 7-8 times higher than manual cutting method.
  8. Low labor cost.

Disadvantage of Computerized Cutting Method:

  1. Higher maintenance cost.
  2. Skilled and educated manpower is required.
  3. So much expensive machine.
  4. If correct disc is not loaded in the computer, then error will be indicated.
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