Types of Thread Package Used in Apparel Industry

Types of Thread Package Used in Apparel Industry:

Thread packages are important equipment in apparel manufacturing industry. Sewing threads are wound at parallel or cross at different types of thread packages. As its importance, this article has presented a brief discussion on thread packages with their correct images.

Different Types of Thread Package Used in Garment Industry:

Various types of thread packages are pointed out the below-

  1. Spool,
  2. Cop,
  3. Cone,
  4. Vicone,
  5. Container,
  6. Cocoon,
  7. Pre wound bobbin.

All the above thread packages types have discussed in the following:

1. Spool:

Spool is a small thread package which is made by wood or plastic with flange at two ends. Spool thread packages contain 100-500meter thread at parallel wound. Spool is used for leather, shoe or domestic purposes.

Spool Package

Spool Package

2. Cop:

Cop is small cylindrical thread packages without any flange. Cop contains 1000-2500 meter thread at cross wound. Cop is used for furnishing the garments where color of thread changes frequently.

Cop Package

Cop Package

3. Cone:

Cone is a small package which is made on plastic conical tube. It contains more than 500 meter thread at cross wind. Cone thread packages are ideal and most used package in readymade garments sector.

Cone Package

Cone Package

4. Vicone:

This type of thread packages are made on parallel and little conical tube with a lip like flange at one end. It contains 3000 meter thread or yarn at cross wind. Vicone thread package is mostly used for smooth thread on filament such as embroidery thread.

Vicone Package

Vicone Package

5. Container:

Container is a large thread package used for filament thread which cannot be controlled by others general packages.

6. Cocoon:

Cocoon is special thread packages which done its job without any support. It is used in shuttle of special quilting machine.

Cocoon Package

Cocoon Package

7. Pre wound bobbin:

Pre wound bobbin is used to replace the bobbin of lock stitch machine.

Pre-wound Bobbin

Pre-wound Bobbin

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  • Linda Hawkins

    I have a Singer Sewing machine Series 3200. This machine has a spool holder that has a somewhat horizontal position which when you put your spool of thread on top, needs the spool cap to keep it from moving around. I cannot find any place that sells a replacement spool cap. My grandchild lost mine.

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