Quality of Trimmings Should Ensure in Apparel Industry

Quality of Trimmings

Quality of Trimmings Should Ensure in Apparel Industry: Trimmings plays an important role in readymade garments sector. Trimmings are one of the basic needs for garments manufacturing. Perfect quality of trimmings should be ensured to get fault free and long lasting garments from RMG sector. As its importance, this article has presented some important quality of trimmings. Quality of Trimmings

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11 Properties of Sewing Thread

Sewing Thread

11 Properties of Sewing Thread: Sewing thread is an important trimming which are vastly used in readymade garments sector. Sewing thread contains some properties. In the past I have presented here the relation between sewing thread, needle and material but today I have explained here different properties of sewing thread. Characteristics of Sewing Thread: There are different key properties of

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Types of Interlining Used in Apparel Industry

Interlining used in apparel industry

Types of Interlining Used in Apparel Industry: Interlining is one of the most important accessories in readymade garments sector. During apparel manufacturing, interlining is used between two layers of fabric to support, re-enforce and control areas of apparel. There are two types of interlining is used in apparel manufacturing industry which are explained in this article. Classification of Interlining: There

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