An Overview of Poly Bag Used in Apparel Industry

An Overview of Poly Bag Used in Apparel Industry

What is Poly Bag?

Poly bag also known as polythene bags. It is a common and one of the most important materials in readymade garments sector. Poly bag is a plastic packet, which is used to contain garments in order to keeping that garments intact and dust, dirt or moisture free.

There are different types of material are used to produce poly bag such as PP, LD, HD, LLDP, LDPE, OPP and VINYL etc. where, PP, LD, VINYL, LDPE & VINYL mainly used for special purposes. It should be noted that, in the past, PP and LD poly bags used for garments packing but now buyer prefers LLDP, LDPE for environmental friendly issues.

Garments are poly packed by workers

Garments are poly packed by workers

The main reason for choosing LLDP, LDPE is that, both are recyclable items, where others cannot be recycled. One more thing should be noted that, LDPE is little expensive than LLDP. At present, some buyer suggests to use both items proportionally in producing poly bag. Because, mixture of both item helps to transparent poly bags.

Types of Poly Bag:

There are different types of poly bags used in garments finishing, which are mentioned in the below:

  1. Poly bags with flap,
  2. Poly bags with button,
  3. Adhesive poly or self sealing bags,
  4. Lip and gazette bags,
  5. Zip lock ploy,
  6. Slider zip lock poly,
  7. Poly tubing / Heat Sealed,
  8. Plain poly bags,
  9. Hanger bags.

Poly Bag Thickness:

Normally, we can count poly bags thickness by using three different ways. Those are-

  1. Mil,
  2. Microns,
  3. Gauge.


Mil means the thickness is of 1/1000 of an inch. That means, 1mil= 1/1000 of an inch.


Microns means the thickness is of 1/1000 of an mm. That means, 1microns= 1/1000 of an mm.


Microns means the thickness is of 1/100000 of an inch. That means, 1gauge= 1/100000 of an inch.

Relation between Mil, Microns and Gauge:

1 mil = 25 microns = 100 gauge

Among the above three, gauge is the most used system of counting poly bags thickness in the worldwide.

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