Roles and Responsibilities of Trims & Accessories Inspector in Apparel Sector

Main Duties of Accessories and Trimmings Inspector in the Apparel Industry

Trims and Accessories for Apparel or Clothing:

Trimmings and accessories are two important materials of apparel or clothing. To achieve the required quality apparel or clothing in the ready-made apparel manufacturing industry it must be checked according to the buyer’s instruction. In the readymade apparel industry, it is inspected by a well-trained accessories inspector. This article has presented some key duties and responsibilities of trims & accessories Inspector.

Trimmings and accessories inspector in apparel industry

Trimmings and accessories used in the apparel industry

Objects or Purpose of Trims and Accessories Inspection in Garments or Clothing Sector:

Trimmings and accessories inspector carrying out this inspection for the below purposes.

  1. To Control the apparel quality effectively.
  2. To ensure correct trim will be used in the apparel or clothing.
  3. To take corrective action as early as possible if there is any problem with accessories and trimmings.

 Duties and Responsibility of Trimmings and Accessories Inspector in Clothing Industry:

A trims and accessories inspector must have to follow the below duties and responsibilities:

  1. He inspects the trims for quality and quantity.
  2. He conducts a 10% inspection of the goods. In case of discrepancy, he will conduct a 100% inspection.
  3. If any critical defects found will be “ZERO TOLERANCE”, the whole lot will be rejected.
  4. He will document the result of the inspection and send them to the appropriate authority for onward submission to the supplier & buyer.
  5. Hangtags having barcodes printed on them must be checked properly.
  6. The trims have to be affixed to the bin card.
  7. All trims have to be checked using buyer approved light source D65, TL84, UV, CWF, FA, and UL3500.
  8. All reject trims must be kept in the reject area and disposed of following the buyer’s recommended disposal process.
  9. After completing the Brand labels inspection its must keep in the confirm area with lock and key. The key must be handle by the store in charge only. If Store In-charge absent then Managing Director will nominate a person can to handle the key.
  10. Every inspection record will be noted in the register book accordingly. Responsible for trimmings & accessory inspection is Quality Inspector and in-charge.

-Written by
Md. Omar Faruk
Executive–QA at Envoy Complex
(Manta Apparels Ltd. Envoy Fashions Ltd & Envoy Design Ltd.)
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